• Handmade Card: Easy DIY Art Project with Kids

    easy diy art project with kids

    In a time when iPads have become oxygen for our child’s entertainment, the need for art has grown exponentially. As a graduate of design, I believe that every child should be exposed to arts and design at an early age. So I have decided to add Easy DIY Art Project with Kids section to my blog and this handmade card is the first post in that section. Continue Reading…

  • I AM A MOM: Don’t Expect

    mom expectations

    I am a mom: Don’t expect me to be perfect. Considering how are lives are far from the perfect we once imagined them to be, here is an imperfect mom’s guide to what not to expect from mothers.  When you come to my house, these are two things you are not going to see.

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  • Children Book of the Month: The Gruffalo

    The Gruffalo

    This month, the book of the month is The Gruffalo. In our monthly visit to the library, Azlan picked it up. Even though I wasn’t thrilled with the choice but I went along (had no choice because he insisted upon this one). I think Alzan liked it because it had animals on its cover and which child is not fascinated by animals- especially the big scary types.

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  • UAE National Day Events and Activities for Families

    UAE National Day Events and Activities for Families

    UAE National Day is coming up in just a few days. And so it is not surprising to see a lot of events, discounts and the likes from retailers and malls across the country. And a Facebook addict like me has seen a lot of articles on what events I should attend. But as a mother, I know I can’t party with a Dutch DJ (at a price of 275 AED!) and neither can I get swanky at an Opera with two kids trailing by. So being the chronic list-maker that I am, I went ahead and made my own list. Here is a scoop of UAE National Day Events and Activities for families:

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  • 6 Realities of Living with kids in a Dubai Apartment

    living with kids in a Dubai apartment

    Given the exorbitant rent in Dubai, the common average families like us live in apartments. Living with kids in a Dubai Apartment is actually quite fun and I won’t trade it for any villa but then sometimes, it does get too much.

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  • Dubai Glow Garden Review

    Glow Garden Dubai

    So, here is my Part 2 of the Zabeel Park outing. A visit to Zabeel Park is incomplete without visiting the Glow Garden. We had planned to go to the Dinosaur Park (Read review here) and since Glow Garden was free with the Park, we got to enjoy two shows at the good price of one (60 AED/ person). Y0u can buy tickets online too.

    As a Karachiite, I thought of my city as the city of lights. But that was before I had been to the Glow Garden.

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  • Dinosaur Park Dubai Review

    Dinosaur Park Dubai

    Dubai did it again. When you think you have seen the entire city, it comes up with something new. Zabeel Park recently opened its very own Dinosaur Park. Dinosaur Fans, get ready. And for those looking for some outdoor activities in this nice weather, this is the place.

    Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting much. But I was pleasantly surprised (shocked even).

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  • Rethinking UAE’s Ecological Footprint

    UAE's Ecological Footprint

    You do not need a course on environmental studies to make the assumption that Dubai has the one of the highest ecological footprint globally. The entire city is man-made. There is human-centric approach to Dubai that no other country can match. Before Dubai was the way it is right now, the city was practically a desert. And it still is underneath expansive malls, the tallest sky scrapers and the air conditioned bus stops.

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  • Mother, Baby and Child Show Review

    Post Image


    As a mother, I am always on a lookout for kids’activities in Dubai and specially as a mom, I want greatly interested in some affordable ones. So when I heard about the Mother, Baby and Child Show, I was excited. More excited because it promised Lego activities, cooking classes, sensory play and so much more.

    The Mother, Baby and Child Show

    The Mother, Baby and Child Show is an event being held in the Dubai International Marine Club between Nov 10-12. The show promises a fun-filled day for children with their mothers, offering them a variety of kid’s activities. Here is the schedule for the show.

    And this was why the show was a disappointment. I could not find any such activities at the show.

    When I entered Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC), I never saw any kind of signage telling me the show was on. Yes, there was signage of the outdoor show and for a moment I was confused, was I wrong about the show.

    But I asked a few people around and they guided me to the back of the park.

    After paying tickets for my son (I got mine for free. YAY!!), we moved inside.

    And for a moment, I again felt I was in the wrong place.

    There were cars, and surf boards. Nothing childlike about the venue.

    Turned out, there were too events happening in the place at the same time. The Mother, Baby and Child Show was being held outside. The weather was nice and windy (added a charm to the entire event).

    The event was a little disappointing. Instead of the fun activities promised and advertised, I saw another platform where mother, child and baby brands advertising their products.

    If you want a lot of free samples, this is the event to go. We got free samples from Palmers, cerealac and milk samples from Nuralac, Baby Shop vouchers, Sudocream.

    But if you are looking for a fun filled day with your kids, choose another event.

    There was a soft play and some fun activities for kids but for them, you had to pay an additional 50 AED.

    But there were some perks.

    Palmer’s were offering free ice-cream along with a pouch with three of their products.

    Blossom’s Nursery had an art space (with playdoh!). Since Azlan loves play doh (and I hate it in the house), it was fun seeing him work his magic there.

    Mother, Child and Baby Show Dubai

    They even had huge Lego like blocks which was a good distraction for both Azlan and Safah.

    Mother, Baby and Child Show

    DuVibes had the kids dancing to some music.

    Kabrita was offering gun-shaped balloons along with face painting.

    We spent nearly 45 minutes in the space, and that too because I had some good company with a new friend.

    My Verdict:

    Go if you want to interact with brands, or don’t have much else to do over the weekend.

    You can buy the tickets here.

    Mother, Baby and Child Show Review

  • 10 Hacks in Dubai for moms

    Dubai for moms

    Moms need hacks more than anyone else. From good diaper deals to best kept secrets of the town, we want it all. We don’t have the time or the energy to learn the ins and outs of the city but we want to know. So, here is my list of 12 Hacks in Dubai for moms. Enjoy and I hope you benefit from them.

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